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DrFitness+ Sweat Belt

Get toned by sweating out with this sweat belt that’s equally suitable for men and women. Just wrap the belt to provide better insulation for more sweat. Maintaining the muscles warm, it burns off the fat and slims your waist and abdomen. This simple flexible soft belt lets a comfortable space anywhere. Cherish a medium and large-size sweat belt to suit your waist for a pleasing and customized exercise experience. Not just physical fitness, it is an accessory that helps relieve back pains, injuries, and other muscle aches. Start your fitness and exercise regime of skipping, riding, jogging, squat, sit-up, yoga, training, and boxing with this absolute contour fit sweat belt.

MuscleXP Resistance Band 11 in 1

This wonderful pack comes with 5 color resistance bands, 2 foam sponge handles, 1 door anchor, 2 ankle straps, and a carrying bag. The multi-resistant bands ranging from 4.5 kg to 22.67 kg are suitable for all kinds of body workouts. It’s a right deal for the upper body (shoulder press, face pull, triceps extension), back (pull-apart, squat row, split row, lying pullover), core (crunch, bicycle, side bends, sit-up, side plank), and total body (thruster, swing, mountain climber, pull through). The durable well-built bands and the associated accessories make a longing experience ever. There’s no need to search for the other fitness elements.

What They Say About Us:

“Its without any chemical – that’s what draw me to Purchase it. This Multivitamin is made of all natural fruits and herbal. It’s for all age, it provides missing essential vitamins which we all don’t get as most us are not having balanced meals.”
Doshi Bharat


“These push up handles are lightweight but firm. Portable and light to carry around for daily exercise. Have foam grip. Useful for exercising and push ups.”
Anand Gund


“This product is by far one of the best whey raw protein powder I have ever used. If you are regularly working out this is the best product for you! It mixes very well without lumps or leaving powder residue at the bottom of your shaker or bottle.”
Jay Badani