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Sports Water Bottle With 700 ml Capacity

Carry your shakes anywhere with you and maintain your water intake with Gym Shaker SportsXP Waterbottle 700ml. The bottle’s wide opening ensures hassle-free use while the whisk ball sees that all the ingredients get mixed with the fluid properly. The BPA-free plastic of the bottle makes it both environment-friendly and safe to use.

L-Carnitine 1500 Liquid, 450ml

Most fitness lovers look after their favorite relishes and flavors in their health supplements. MuscleXP fulfills such cravings and offers this Liquid L-Carnitine with Orange flavor,  the most favorite and exciting flavor desired for all. With interesting taste and savors, it’s easy to have the liquid Carnitine within a simple sip.

What They Say About Us:

“Good product from good brand. When consuming supplements or anything related to health, I prefer brand and MuscleXP is a reliable one. I used the capsules for many days and found it effective. It is tasteless and no burp so it is ok to use even for vegetarians. It is high in DPA and DHA, thereby supplies adequate OMEGA-3 which is essential actually if you wish to keep your heart, joints and skin healthy. I use it as it helps you feel fit and good. Recommend the brand and product.”
Alok Sharma


“If you’re worried about losing muscle mass due to heave cardio on low-carb days or just not getting enough pump in your body during weight training, I’d suggest you to mix MuscleXP Micronized L-Glutamine Powder’s one scoop with your Whey Protein post workout. You can also use it with BCAA or pre-workout, just make sure to not take it alone. It’s tasteless, so better mix it with another supplement and then use for top-class results. Fully satisfied with results so far. Might reorder it after this pack is over.”


“I am a fitness freak and MuscleXP weight gainer is the perfect to gain weight that gives essential vitamins, minerals required for the body. There are more than 25 vitamins and minerals in MuscleXP weight gainer and I would suggest regular exercise and one scoop intake over a period you will see desired results.”
Monish Chandan