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The best investment for your fitness journey!


The best investment for your fitness journey!

Biotin Hair, Skin & Nails Complete MultiVitamin With Amino Acids (36 Nutrients), 60 Tablets

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Whey Gold Protein With Digestive Enzymes, Double Chocolate, 1kg (Pouch)

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Get superior quality products from India’s leading bodybuilding brand, MuscleXP.

Are you working hard at the gym to achieve your fitness goals and still not able to develop the physique you have always wanted? If so, then you may need a balanced dose of the muscle supportive nutrients. To get the desired and long-lasting results, your body needs fuel through proper nutrition. Whether your goal is to build muscles or boost workout performance, opting for the best bodybuilding supplement brand is one of the best ways to achieve it. After all, it’s your fitness journey! So buy high-quality bodybuilding supplements and get more from every session of your workout training.

MuscleXP is India’s most trusted brand that deals with top quality gym supplements and sports nutritional formulas. It offers superior quality Bodybuilding supplements such as Whey Protein Powder, Mass Gainers, Weight Gainers, BCAA’s, Creatine, Fish Oil Supplements, Multivitamins, etc., at the best prices. And who does not want to purchase their favourite sports products at affordable prices? If you are also involved in muscle building, buy MuscleXP gym supplements now and take your bodybuilding training to the next step.

From protein powders to weight management supplements, you can find many bodybuilding supplements under MuscleXP Brand. Under each category, you will get several ranges of similar products with different compositions of nutrients. Based on your training level or goal, you can choose the best among them to fulfil your need for specific nutrients.

Daily protein intake may be an essential requirement for those who live an active lifestyle. Those who are involved in workout training sessions may require more protein as compared to non-active people. Adequate intake of protein can help them perform better, recover faster and achieve desired fitness results. In the MuscleXP Protein Category section, you will get whey protein supplements packed with one or more kinds of protein derived from authentic sources. For vegetarians, we have 100% plant based protein powder, MuscleXP Plant Protein, enriched with high protein content.

Are you struggling to gain muscle mass or body weight? If so, MuscleXP Mass/Weight gainers are here to help you gain mass or body weight. Gaining mass or weight is not as easy as you think. You need to consume a lot of healthy calories, which you may not take through diet alone. For that, you may need a dietary supplement packed with higher calorie content derived from beneficial calories. MuscleXP Mass Gainers or Weight gainers are enriched with the right combination of nutrients to deliver a high amount of healthy calories.

To enhance exercise performance, a quick boost of energy is needed. MuscleXP Preworkout supplements are specifically designed to help meet your body’s requirement for energy-boosting ingredients. Intake of these supplements before a workout may help maintain energy levels in the body throughout your training session so that you can perform better at the gym. MuscleXP post-workout supplements are formulated to help provide proper nourishment to your starved muscles while reducing muscle fatigue and supporting faster post-workout recovery.

Are you already taking bodybuilding supplements such as Whey Protein powders, BCAA, Creatine etc. and still not able to get the best from your training? If so, that means you might be missing other workout essentials or multivitamins. They are usually taken to boost energy levels and support overall wellness. For example, if you are trying to lose weight and build lean muscles, you can take MuscleXP Thermo Ultra lean Vital Capsules designed to support weight management. Check out other workout essentials/multivitamins such as Joint care supplements, Fish oil supplements, Haircare supplements etc. designed by MuscleXP and achieve your goals faster.

To help you develop a physique you have always dreamed of, we have designed great bodybuilding combos packed with the right combination of gym supplements. For example- A Premium Muscle-Building Combo is packed with products that can help you in lean muscle building, while a Weight Enduring Combo is packed with products that can help you gain body weight healthily. A wide range of combos is available to help you in your fitness journey and get the desired results.

Each MuscleXP product is designed by a team of highly skilled professionals using top-quality ingredients. You will get the same amount of nutrients that is written on the label of a specific product. All our products are 100% Dope-free and do not contain any substance that is harmful for consumption. We have following more reasons that set us apart from other brands-

Highest Purity– When it comes to reputed bodybuilding brands which you can rely on, MuscleXP is the one among them. In each MuscleXP product, we use the highest purity ingredients derived from the most reliable sources available in the world. If you are looking to buy the highest quality gym supplements, you are at the right place.

Strict Manufacturing Guidelines– MuscleXP Products adhere to FSSAI norms and guidelines. Hence, they are of the best quality and free from any harmful substance. Before launching any product in the market, several quality checks have been performed to ensure it is completely safe to consume.

Desirable Results– We are known for manufacturing top quality bodybuilding supplements or sports nutritional formulas. After several years of research and development, our products are made to help you get the desired results in your bodybuilding journey.

Who doesn’t want to buy his favourite gym supplement at a discounted rate! I guess every fitness lover wants to get this chance. You can buy MuscleXP Bodybuilding supplements at discounted rates using coupon codes or offers available. So, what are you waiting for! Buy your favourite sports nutritional supplements online at the best price on the MuscleXP Website from the comfort of your home.

In general, you will get your order delivered within 2-7 days, depending on your location. We will make sure you get the best possible product, but you can call our customer care to initiate the return if you receive any damaged or different product. To know more about it, you can read our return/refund policy.


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