Plant Protein, (Mango Flavour) 400gm Pouch

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 73 reviews

    Super safe supplement! Perfect for vegans like me! So beneficial.


    This plant protein powder contains a blend of protein and greens. Highly nutritious and a rich source of plant protein. It has zero added sugar.


    Really liked the flavor of this protein supplement. After a long struggle, I have managed to find the best planted based protein powder for me. It keeps my high and active when I am working out.


    Awesome choice for vegans! Great formulation! Natural protein plus it has blend of greens which are quite nutritious. It does not contain added sugar.


    Perfect protein powder for vegans like me. It offers the same amount of protein that any other non-vegan supplement would offer. Amazing taste! Loved it.



    MuscleXP Plant Protein allows you to bask in the amazing benefits of nature by mixing some of the best herbal and vegetable extracts to give you 20g naturally derived protein per serving of 35g. Its daily intake helps you bustle with energy and maintain your active lifestyle with ease. Building lean muscle mass without including whey protein was never this easy.



    To make it a rich source of protein, we have limited the fat and carb content in this protein supplement. Each serving of 35g of MuscleXP Plant Protein gives you as little as 0.49g fat and 9.60g healthy carbs. The carbs ensure your body continues getting supplied with energy to fuel your fitness classes and up your level of performance.



    You won’t find any added sugar in MuscleXP Plant Protein. Since this drink is infused with the amazing benefits of herbal and vegetable extracts, we kept away from sugar to ensure their positive impact is not tampered with. Sweetness in our protein supplement comes from a non-caloric sweetener.

    About supplement

    Plant protein to enhance your muscle health

    Keep you energetic and strengthen your fitness journey. Whether you are an athlete or a fitness enthusiast or even a go-getter short on time, MuscleXP Plant Protein is equipped to help meet your daily protein requirement with its rich blend of protein, antioxidants, and fiber.

    • Protein primarily acquired from pea, flaxseed, and rice bran.
    • Combined with digestive enzymes to promote better body functioning.
    • Rich source of amino acids to prevent muscle mass loss.
    • Free of whey protein, dairy ingredients, preservatives, added sugar, soya, and colors.
    • Natural protein boost with the tanginess of mango.

    How are our products different from others?

    MuscleXP is known to deliver the highest quality daily multivitamin tablets to support overall health. Our multivitamin products are uniquely designed by a team of professionals to give you a great experience in your fitness journey.

    Benefits of MuscleXP Plant Protein

    Extraordinary blend of herbs and veggies

    MuscleXP Plant Protein sources its protein power from an amazing blend of flaxseed, peas, tomato, blueberry, spinach, amla, etc., that also takes care of your other nutritional requirements. Apart from boosting your energy levels, this protein supplement helps in the better building of lean muscles and their quick recovery p

    Low in fat and carbs

    MuscleXP Plant Protein has limited its fat quantity to 0.49g per serving apart from providing 9.6g of clean carb per 35g. Their values were kept in check to help you keep away from empty calories and to support your fitness goals. This also helps you to get a high-protein drink and maintain a constant flow of energy. 

    Blend of digestive enzymes

    MuscleXP Plant Protein presents you digeZyme – a blend of alpha-amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, and cellulase – to help your body better utilize the nutrients. By keeping your gut happy, these digestive enzymes also help you shoot up your daily performance level. 

    Tanginess of mango

    When nature offers us such high-quality protein sources, why not rely upon it to get some amazing flavors, too? To keep it all-natural, we laced this health supplement with the sweetness and tanginess of mangoes. Apart from making this protein supplement taste delicious, the mango flavor infuses freshness into your life. 

    How to use MuscleXP Plant Protein?

    Take one scoop (35g) of MuscleXP Plant Protein Mango Flavor and add it to 200-250ml of water. Mix it properly to get a smooth drink. Using a shaker or blender will allow you to beat out this smooth creamy drink in seconds minus the annoying lumps.

    A green boost to your stamina and muscle growth

    MuscleXP Plant Protein has been made in consultation with industry experts to make it a powerful vegan source of protein. Made with imported raw ingredients that are also rich in fiber, this protein supplement is all you need to keep your head high and meet the daily challenges of your active lifestyle with confidence.

    When to use MuscleXP Plant Protein?

    If you are searching for a 100 percent vegan source of protein, look no further than MuscleXP Plant Protein Mango Flavor. Consuming it at the correct time can enhance its benefits.
    Early morning: When you wake up from 7 to 8 hours of slumber, your body lacks nutrients. Start your day with this refreshing protein drink to offer your body the perfect blend of protein, carbs, fiber, and amino acids. It will help you remain active all day long.
    Post-workout: You can consume this supplement after an intense workout session to supply nutrients and energy to your muscles. This will help your sore muscles recover faster and prevent their catabolism.
    Meal replacer: You can also take MuscleXP Plant Protein in place of your regular meal. When you have no time for an elaborate nutritious meal, don’t skip it altogether. Rather, make a nutrient-dense shake with this plant protein. We assure you it won’t take much time.

    Recommended dosage- Take 1-2 servings each day for maximum benefit

    What does it work best with?

    Balanced diet

    MuscleXP Plant Protein becomes more effective when you complement it with a balanced nutritious diet. This will help you attain your fitness goals faster.

    Limited cheat meals

    If your purpose of introducing MuscleXP Plant Protein to your life is to amplify your fitness quotient, why let cheat meals dissuade you from your goals? Limit or avoid their consumption to avoid deposition of unwanted fat in your body or increase your empty calories. 

    Proper exercise schedule

    As MuscleXP Plant Protein provides you with high protein content, utilize it by following a strict exercise regimen to help you gain lean muscles faster and remain fit always. 

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