Plant Protein, (Vanilla Flavour), 400gm Pouch

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    Customer Reviews

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    This vanilla flavors plant protein powder contains 20g protein per serving. It is enriched with vegetable blend and herbal blend that support overall fitness. It contains digestive enzymes to make the absorption easy.


    Bought this product for my brother who has just begun to going gym. He is absolutely fit and doing his gym seamlessly. This supplement features digestive enzymes and it came in a great condition.


    This plant based protein is a great protein for vegans. It has a mixture of protein and greens which is so nutritious. The vanilla flavor is so good!


    I have just started my Journey to being a vegan, and it's extremely exhausting to find the substitute for the regular products but this has made its way to me without much effort as I stumbled upon it through the internet research.


    I train my muscles with the help of this product. It not only supplies rich protein content in my body but also levels my energy and helps me maintain a healthy workout regime.



    Made with herbal and vegetable extracts, MuscleXP Plant Protein gives you protein directly sourced from nature to meet your energy and nutritional requirements and take your wellbeing to the next level. You get 20g of protein in each serving of 35g to fuel your active lifestyle and build lean muscle mass devoid of any empty calories.



    MuscleXP Plant Protein contains a super-effective vegetable blend to help your body soak the benefits of green vegetables. The blend includes powders of flaxseed, tomato, Daucus carota, beetroot, blueberry, barley seed, and spinach. Each serving of 35g includes 2.5g of this vegetable blend. Including this protein supplement in your diet helps your body get the essential nutrients, which have been sourced naturally.



    Herbs are equally important for the proper functioning of the body, as are vegetables. That is why MuscleXP Plant Protein has been enriched with 460mg of a potent herbal blend per serving of 35g. Each serving offers you amla powder, Withania Somnifera powder, Camellia Sinensis extract, and grape seed extract. They help strengthen your immunity and boost your muscle growth and recovery.

    About supplement

    Bask in the goodness of nature and meet your protein needs

    MuscleXP Plant Protein has been made with handpicked natural extracts to give you a vegan protein supplement and help you remain fit and active. Containing no soy protein, enjoy this nutrient-pack drink to welcome your newfound robustness and steer your life the natural way.

    • A blend of veggies and herbs to shoot up your nutrient quotient.
    • Premium-quality protein sourced from pea, rice bran, and flaxseeds.
    • Laced with digestive enzymes to keep your gut happy and promote better absorption of nutrients.
    • A natural push to your active lifestyle.
    • Source of soy and lactose-free protein with no added sugar, color, and preservatives.

    How are our products different from others?

    MuscleXP is known to deliver the highest quality daily multivitamin tablets to support overall health. Our multivitamin products are uniquely designed by a team of professionals to give you a great experience in your fitness journey.

    Benefits of MuscleXP Plant Protein

    A powerful combo of greens

    MuscleXP Plant Protein has sourced its high-quality protein and nutrients from flaxseed, tomato, beetroot, spinach, blueberry, amla, grapeseed, among other herbs and vegetables to help you raise your life’s health quotient the green way. Infusing your body with energy, it helps you build lean mass while preventing better muscle recovery after a hard session at the gym.

    Low in carbs and fat

    Each serving of MuscleXP Plant Protein gives you only 9.60g carbs and 0.49g fat to keep your calorie intake in check while increasing the consumption of high-quality protein. This helps you strike a better nutritional balance and work hard to get rid of the unwanted fat. 

    Fortified with five digestive enzymes

    You get five digestive enzymes in MuscleXP Plant Protein, namely alpha-amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, and cellulase to promote maximum retention of nutrients and better functioning of your body. Their presence plays a vital role in channelizing more energy to your muscles and supporting their growth.

    Creaminess of vanilla

    After discussing with top flavoring experts, we gave a vanilla twist to this herbal drink. Just because it’s made of greens, it’s not necessary that it must taste like veggies, too. Besides, what could be a better reward for the intense training sessions at the gym than the soothing vanilla?

    How to use MuscleXP Plant Protein?

    Add one scoop, i.e., 35g of MuscleXP Plant Protein in about 200-250ml of water and mix it well to avoid lumps. You can also use a shaker.

    Treat the athlete in you with protein derived from nature

    Made with premium-quality raw ingredients in consultation with top researchers, we have come up with this powerful protein supplement for the lactose intolerant and vegan people. Boost your energy and performance level with the blessings of nature wrapped in MuscleXP Plant Protein.

    When to use MuscleXP Plant Protein?

    Your search for a natural source of protein ends with MuscleXP Plant Protein, which is both lactose and soya-free. Consuming it at the below-mentioned time can give you maximum results.
    Morning: After 7 to 8 hours of sleep, when you wake up in the morning, your body longs for nutrients. This is the best time to drink MuscleXP Plant Protein, which contains a high amount of protein and fiber, and check the supply of carbs and fat in your body. You can even add this to your breakfast smoothies to lace it with the goodness of protein and yumminess of vanilla.
    Post-workout: After a strenuous training session at the gym, your sapped muscles need urgent care and nourishment to prevent muscle loss. This is the best time to consume MuscleXP Plant Protein, as by supplying nutrients to your sore muscles, it promotes their quick recovery.
    Meal replacer: When you are on the go and do not have time to eat a proper meal, instead of eating something unhealthy, have this protein supplement. Apart from saving you from empty calories, it offers your body instant energy to support your busy lifestyle.

    Recommended dosage- We recommend you take 1-2 servings of MuscleXP Plant Protein every day.

    What does it work best with?

    Healthy Diet

    Consuming MuscleXP Plant Protein while having a balanced nutritious diet will help you gain maximum results. 

    Fewer cheat meals

    While MuscleXP Plant Protein supplies your body with high-quality protein allowing you to build lean muscle mass, junk, and unhealthy food increase your body’s empty calories and fat content. So, if you do not want to spoil your efforts, check the intake of cheat meals. 

    Workout session

    When you combine MuscleXP Plant Protein with proper exercise routines, your muscles get the ultimate impetus to grow. 

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