Natural Protein Combo | Plant Protein 400g + Multi Greens 60 Tablets

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    20 g


    Fulfill your protein needs the vegan way with the help of MuscleXP Plant Protein. Containing a unique combination of vegetable and herbal blend, this vegan protein supplement delivers 20g protein per serving of 35g. Free of soy or milk substances, this is an ideal supplement to boost your muscle development journey without consuming empty calories.

    1.2 g

    Vitamins and Minerals

    The presence of 25 amazing vitamins and minerals makes MuscleXP Muti Greens & Fruits a 100 percent comprehensive green nutritional formula. These vitamins and minerals work together with several other natural extracts to supply your body with energy, improve your performance level, stamina, strength and support your active lifestyle.

    0 g

    Added Sugar

    You will find 0g added sugar in MuscleXP Plant Protein and MuscleXP Muti Greens & Fruits. The yumminess of the protein supplement comes from its chocolate flavor and stevia. The absence of sugar makes your muscle-building journey all the more effective.

    About supplement

    Build your muscles the green way

    MuscleXP Plant Protein and MuscleXP Muti Greens & Fruits bring to you the blessings of nature to keep you energetic all day and help you build lean muscle mass. Offering high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and several herbal extracts and blends, these two MuscleXP supplements have been specifically designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and fulfill the daily nutrient requirements of fitness enthusiasts.

    • Infused with the power of vegetables, fruits, and herbs
    • A vegan protein source
    • Contain naturally-derived vitamins and minerals
    • Several green blends to support your overall health
    • A perfect combo to boost your energy and promote muscle growth

    How are our products different from others?

    MuscleXP is known to deliver the highest quality daily multivitamin tablets to support overall health. Our multivitamin products are uniquely designed by a team of professionals to give you a great experience in your fitness journey.

    Benefits of MuscleXP Plant Protein and MuscleXP Muti Greens & Fruits

    A potent blend of veggies, herbs, and fruit

    Both MuscleXP Plant Protein and MuscleXP Muti Greens & Fruits contain several veggies, herbs, and fruits like tomato, carrot, beetroot, spinach, amla, ashwagandha, green tea, garlic, cinnamon bark, cranberry, apple, turmeric, etc., to recharge your every day and boost your fitness level. Not only do they help you build lean muscle mass but also promote better recovery post-workout.

    Amazing vitamins and minerals profile

    You find an exceptional blend of 25 vitamins and minerals in MuscleXP Muti Greens & Fruits. Including this combo in your daily life helps you bridge the nutritional gap and improve your energy level while keeping a tab on your calorie intake. Besides, you get only 4.1g of carbs and 1.2g of fats per serving of these supplements. 

    Rich source of antioxidants

    MuscleXP Plant Protein and MuscleXP Muti Greens & Fruits offer you a rich blend of antioxidants in the form of pomegranate, apple, carrot, blueberry, and tomato powders to help improve your immune system and strengthen your body’s defense system. This blend also helps improve your performance and fitness level.

    Supports overall health

    When your diet has the goodness of so many vegetables, fruits, and herbs, your overall health improves. The natural ingredients help maintain the proper functioning of your body organs while alpha-lipoic acid, lutein, and papain promote better absorption of nutrients in your body. As a result, you remain healthy, fit, and active.

    How to take MuscleXP Plant Protein and MuscleXP Multi Greens & Fruits?

    Add one scoop of MuscleXP Plant Protein to 200-250ml of water and shake or blend it properly to make one serving.
    Consume one tablet of MuscleXP Multi Greens & Fruits with lukewarm water one time a day.

    Boost your performance with MuscleXP Plant Protein and MuscleXP Multi Greens & Fruits

    We have professionally designed these two MuscleXP supplements with premium-quality raw materials for those who want to avoid lactose products. You get protein and other nutrients derived from plants to fuel your everyday activities and meet your fitness goals. This makes this combo ideal for bodybuilders, athletes, and other fitness enthusiasts.

    MuscleXP Plant Protein

    Your search for vegan protein powder ends here. MuscleXP Plant Protein delivers exactly the same amount of nutrients as mentioned on the label. For maximum benefits, take the protein powder at the below-mentioned times: 

    Breakfast: You may suffer from muscle loss after you wake up after 7-8 hours of sleep. Offer your muscles proper nourishment by consuming MuscleXP Plant Protein shake in the breakfast. This will supply your body with essential nutrients and boost your energy level. You can also add this protein powder to your smoothies. 

    Post-workout: Drinking MuscleXP Plant Protein shake post-workout helps your muscles recover better. It helps decrease muscle fatigue and increase lean muscle mass growth. 

    Meal Replacement shake: Why skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner when you don’t have time for an elaborate meal? Instead, opt for this protein shake. It is a great meal replacement to supply your body with nutrients essential for your busy lifestyle. 

    MuscleXP Multi Greens & Fruits

    You can have this multivitamins tablet any time of the day however, it is best to take this in the morning with a meal for better absorption. You get exactly the same amount of nutrition as mentioned on the label. 

    Recommended dose

    You can take 1-2 servings of MuscleXP Plant Protein and 1 tablet of Multi Greens & Fruits a day. Do not exceed the recommended dose without consultation.

    What does it work best with?

    Healthy Diet

    When you consume MuscleXP Plant Protein and MuscleXP Multi Greens & Fruits daily, maintain a wholesome and balanced diet. This will help you get the maximum benefits of the supplements.

    Fewer Cheat Meals

    Cheat meals contribute empty calories to your body. Having cheat meals while consuming protein supplements and multivitamins slows down your muscle-building journey. So, it is better to avoid them.

    Proper Workout

    For building muscles and improving your fitness level you also need to do exercises dedicatedly. So, follow proper exercise schedules while consuming these supplements. 


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