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Bodybuilders, athletes or gym enthusiasts commonly take pre or post-workout supplements to get maximum bodybuilding benefits from their hard work at the gym. With the increase in your training requirements, your body may also need more nutritional support to achieve the desired results. Keeping in mind your needs, MuscleXP has designed top quality pre or post-workout supplements. All our products are 100% dope free and available at affordable prices.

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L-Carnitine Liquid, Orange Flavor, 450ml

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L-Carnitine Liquid, Lemon Flavor, 450ml

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Micronized L-Glutamine Powder – 250Gm, Unflavored + Shaker

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Amino Blend and Energy Powder, Orange, 400g, + Shaker

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Instantized BCAA 6000 with L-Alanine & Taurine – 400g (14 Oz) Orange+ Shaker

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L-Glutamine Powder 250g + Omega 3 Advanced Fish Oil 60 Softgels

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Essential Health Care | Amino Blend + Plant Protein (400g Each)

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Amino Blend & Energy Powder (Pre / Intra Workout), Orange, 400g

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Instantized BCAA 6000 with L-Alanine & Taurine, 400gm, Orange

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BCAA PRO With L-Glutamine & Citrulline Malate, Orange, 400g (14 oz), 30 Servings

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Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder Unflavored, 250g (8.8oz), 83 Servings

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Enjoy High-End Performance And Explosive Energy With MuscleXP Pre/Post-Workout Supplements

Pre/Post workout supplements are taken to support nutritional requirements of the body to perform intense workouts with high energy levels and maximize post-workout recovery. Pre-workout supplements can help kickstart your workout training session by boosting energy levels, while post-workout supplements are specially formulated to reduce muscle breakdown and support recovery.

Benefits Of Pre or Post Workout Supplements-

Your body not only requires a balanced dose of nutrients after exercise to speed up recovery but also needs an instant boost of energy before a workout to feel energetic throughout the training session. A wide range of pre-workout supplements are available with MuscleXP. There are many reasons to take pre/post-workout supplements-

Quick Source Of Fuel- Pre-workout supplements are packed with an excellent amino acid blend and other beneficial nutrients to supply your muscles with a quick source of fuel. They can help you push harder, move faster and train for longer periods.

Improve Energy Levels- Supplements like creatine monohydrate can help boost the natural capability of the body to produce an essential energy unit, ATP, to maintain your energy levels throughout the workout.

Better Performance- Some of our pre/post-workout supplements come with performance-boosting ingredients such as citrulline and arginine. They help enhance blood flow to your muscles and supply more oxygen and nutrients to them. Thereby, they can help delay muscle fatigue while helping you perform better during training sessions.

Keep You Hydrated- Pre-workout supplements are packed with electrolyte blend to keep your muscles hydrated during a workout. Thereby, they may result in delayed muscle fatigue and improved athletic performance.

Improve Focus And Concentration- Some of our pre or post-workout supplements are packed with caffeine, a natural stimulant, to help improve focus and concentration while keeping you mentally active throughout your workout training.

Support Muscle Recovery- Post-workout supplements are enriched with adequate amounts of nutrients that help prevent muscle loss by reducing the breakdown of muscle tissues. They help enhance recovery by reducing muscle soreness and stiffness after exercise.

Boost Muscle Strength- They are designed to help increase muscle power and boost stamina. Those involved in heavy weight lifting can find these supplements beneficial to enhance their muscular strength.

When To Consume Pre or Post Workout Supplements?

As the name indicates, pre-workout supplements are usually taken 30-60 minutes before a workout, while post-workout supplements are taken 15-30 minutes after a workout.

Best Pre/Post Workout Bodybuilding Supplements Designed By MuscleXP

MuscleXP has a wide range of professionally designed pre or post-workout supplements. Apart from Whey protein supplements, we have the following more pre or post-workout supplements.


MuscleXP Micronized L-Glutamine is an excellent bodybuilding supplement packed with high-quality muscle supportive amino acid- L glutamine with zero added fat and sugar to support lean muscle growth. It can be added to pre-workout drinks or post-workout protein shakes. Consuming one serving of this product 30-60 minutes before a workout can provide an energy boost to enhance athletic performance. While taking one serving of Micronized L-Glutamine 15-30 minutes after a workout can nourish your starved muscles and help speed up the muscle recovery process.


MuscleXP has designed three excellent BCAA supplements with the right combination of nutrients to fuel your heavy workout and fasten the recovery process.

  • MuscleXP BCAA Energy with electrolyte blend and caffeine- It is an ultimate pre-workout supplement packed with an ideal combination of branched-chain amino acids, L-Glutamine, L-Citrulline, a unique electrolyte blend and caffeine. It helps boost energy levels so that you can perform your intense workouts without feeling tired.
  • MuscleXP BCAA Pro- It is an advanced branched-chain amino acids supplement exclusively designed for professional athletes, bodybuilders and other fitness lovers to get an energy boost to help maximize exercise performance and support lean muscle building.
  • MuscleXP Instantized BCAA 6000- It’s a premium pre-workout supplement packed with a unique combination of branched-chain amino acids along with L-Alanine and Taurine without added sugar to maintain your body’s ability to work harder at gym for longer periods by boosting energy levels.

BCAA supplements can also be taken during a workout to supply an instant dose of amino acids to help reduce muscle fatigue. Taking them after an exercise can assist in post-workout muscle recovery.

Amino Blend

MuscleXP Amino Blend and Energy Powder is an extraordinary pre or intra workout supplement that can help you take your workout training to the next level. It is an energy booster packed with an impressive mix of total amino acids and BCAA along with caffeine to provide an extra burst of energy to your body when taken before a workout. Consuming it during a workout can help reduce muscle breakdown while taking it after training can support muscle recovery.

Creatine Monohydrate

MuscleXP Creatine Monohydrate is packed with 100% micronized creatine powder with zero added fat, carbohydrates and sugar to maximize workout performance and support lean muscle growth. Drinking one serving of this product pre-workout can help you push your limits and work harder at the gym. You can also take it during a workout to keep your muscles fueled throughout the training session. To provide a balanced dose of nourishment to your starved muscles and stimulate faster recovery, you can drink one serving of this product after a workout too. Depending on your training goals, you can decide the best time to consume this product.

Choose the best among these top quality pre/post-workout supplements to achieve your training goals faster. Have a great experience in your muscle-building journey!