Beginner's Protein, Double Chocolate, 1kg Pouch (2.2 LB)

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    Customer Reviews

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    The quality of Beginner's protein is seriously great. I am having it daily without feeling any side-effects. This protein powder has no added sugar.


    I have just started working out and I was looking for a supplement that can boost my muscle growth. I took the right decision of buying this protein powder. It has the best taste and It is safe to consume.


    I am currently using this protein supplement and results are so good. Available in double chocolate, this protein is easy to digest and it tastes so good.


    This mass Gainer product develops muscles and provides constant energy to my body so I can easily perform intense workouts. It offers a high caloric diet and coaxes my muscles effectively.


    Growing a Muscular body is every man’s dream. You can convert this dream into reality with the help of this product. It supplies adequate stamina and energy to your body and trains your muscles.



    MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein Double Chocolate is enriched with whey protein concentrate, skimmed milk powder, and calcium caseinate, among other ingredients, to deliver a massive 12g protein boost to your body with every serving (1 scoop of 30g). This is ideal to meet the protein requirement of those who have just started taking protein supplements to match their intense workout level.



    MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein Double Chocolate provides 14 essential amino acids and four non-essential amino acids per serving of approximately 30g. This includes the Branched Chain Amino Acids and L-Glutamic Acid as well. These amino acids work together to better synthesize protein and provide you with the required energy.



    You find 14 essential amino acids (EAA) in MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein Double Chocolate totaling 8.6g per serving of approximately 30g. This protein supplement supplies your body with Branched Chain Amino Acids – L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine – that help you build muscles, reduce muscle soreness after strenuous exercise routines, and control muscle fatigue.

    About supplement

    A high-protein beginner-friendly formula

    MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein has been specially formulated for those who have just started consuming protein supplements to complement their fitness journey. Nutrient-rich, it helps them attain a balanced diet, supply them with energy, and also helps soothe their strained muscles post-workout.

    • Loaded with whey protein concentrate to meet your body’s protein requirement.
    • A perfect blend of protein and carbs to promote an optimally-balanced diet.
    • A rich profile of amino acids to better synthesize protein and improve muscle mass.
    • Each serving (1 scoop of 30g) provides you with 114.37 kilocalories.
    • A double chocolate treat for your taste buds.

    How are our products different from others?

    MuscleXP is known to deliver the highest quality daily multivitamin tablets to support overall health. Our multivitamin products are uniquely designed by a team of professionals to give you a great experience in your fitness journey.

    Benefits of MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein

    The best source of protein for beginners

    Loaded with protein sourced from premium sources, MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein takes care of your protein requirement to help you build lean mass and achieve your fitness goals. It also helps your sapped muscle recover quickly after workouts, restricts the loss of muscle mass, reduces muscle fatigue while enhancing your overall performance.

    Clean source of nutrients

    MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein perfectly packs protein, carbs, fats, dietary fibers, and amino acids to allow your digestive system to adapt better to a high-protein diet while boosting your muscle health. Each serving gives you 12g protein, 14.55g carbs, 0.77g fats, 0.62g dietary fiber, and 8.59g essential amino acids. By offering your body proper nourishment, this blend promotes healthy weight management, too. 

    Loaded with digestive enzymes

    MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein has digeZyme — a blend of Alpha-amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase and lactase — to promote better nutrient absorption. Your gut won’t get annoyed by the sudden increase in protein intake and will happily support your efforts to have an improved and better lifestyle.

    A double blast of chocolate

    Beginners may face problems adapting to the taste of flavorless protein powders. That’s why we went into a huddle with flavoring experts and top researchers and decided upon lacing MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein with the double chocolate flavor. While working to improve your muscular health, this health supplement will satisfy your taste buds’ cravings, too. 

    How to use MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein?

    Mix one heaped scoop (30g) of MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein in 200-250 ml of water. Shake it well before consumption. To increase the intake, mix two heaped scoops into 400-500 ml of water.

    Protein-rich supplement professionally designed for beginners

    MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein has been formulated to remain beginners friendly and support their transformation. A rich profile of protein and amino acids helps accelerate their performance, build lean mass, deal with muscle fatigue, and promote better recovery of strained, sapped muscles.

    When to use MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein?

    MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein has been formulated keeping in mind the nutrient requirement of the beginners, but regular protein users can also benefit from this drink, thanks to its carefully planned composition.
    Before breakfast:Consuming this drink before any proper meal can help you kick-start your day with loads of nutrients and reduce muscle breakout.
    Pre-workout: Supplying your body with protein and energy in the form of MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein before starting your workout can upgrade your performance at the gym.
    Post-workout: After a strenuous exercise routine, MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein can help you meet your body’s increased demand for nutrients and promote better recovery of strained muscles and their growth.
    Between meals: Drinking MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein Double Chocolate in between meals can help your body balance nitrogen better while encouraging your muscles to develop.

    Recommended dosage- We recommend you to take 1-2 servings a day Do not exceed the recommended limit without consulting with experts

    What does it work best with?

    Balanced diet

    MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein Double Chocolate works best with a balanced, healthy diet. This can help your body get maximum nutrients sans empty calories.

    Limiting cheat meals

    Cheat meals can hamper your progress. That’s why it is best to avoid them, or at least limit their intake, when you are consuming MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein for growing lean muscle mass and becoming fit.

    Proper Workout

    Following a proper workout schedule while consuming MuscleXP Beginner’s Protein can help you achieve your fitness goals faster. 


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